‘Water only’ baptism vs. ‘water and the Holy Spirit’ Baptism.

Baptism by Aztec West

‘Water only’ baptism is the same baptism that John the Baptist used, and it is still used by many churches today.

‘Water accompanied by the Word’ Baptism is the Baptism that we use because it is the Baptism that contains Jesus Himself.


Pastor Mark shows us the differences in those baptisms in his 3rd Sunday in Advent sermon (below): 



Baptism Service by Michael Sarver



  Infant baptism by matildahellgren




click >Water only baptism vs. Water and the Holy Spirit Baptism



Thanks, Pastor Mark.

And thanks to flicker and Aztec West, Michael Sarver, and matildahellgren, for the photos.

4 Responses

  1. Great sermon St Stephen. thanks for sharing this. I listen often but forget to comment. You are in God’s peace. †

  2. St. David,

    Glad you enjoyed the sermon.

    God’s peace be with you, also, my friend.

  3. We should release that Jesus gave the command to baptise to the original apostles, and yet they were instructed to teach DISCIPLES to obey all that Jesus had commanded the apostles, including the instruction to baptise and teach the same things further on so that every generation of disciples would have the same instruction (Matthew 28:18-20). From this we can see that every baptised disciple who is following the teaching of the Lord has the right to baptise new disciples in water. However, such disciples should submit in this matter to their pastor and elders so as not to create disunity in the church. If the pastor of a church insists on baptising all the converts in that church, he should not be opposed by church members. However, if he neglects to baptise those who should be baptised, a real disciple who desires to follow the Lord in the waters of baptism should find someone who will baptise him according to the will of God. If the pastor lacks the wisdom of Jesus and Paul who both knew they were not sent primarily to baptise (John 4:2; 1 Corinthians 1:14-17), then in time of revival he may well wear himself in his efforts to baptise all converts.

  4. Thanks, OBA,

    Jesus said, “Go…Baptize and teach…” Matthew 28

    Notice the order? Notice the age requirements, or other requirements.

    We believe that Giod does the Baptizing. It is His work…His power.

    It doesn’t depend on us.

    For us, that is Good News!

    – Steve

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