If you would gain your life…

This may be hard for you to hear.  Many won’t like what they hear.  But what else are we to say? The hard truth about ourselves and the hard truth about what we will face. And then a word of hope:


 click here > If you would gain your life…


 An under 15 minute ‘quick hitter’.  If you like it…pass it around. If you don’t care for it…pass it around anyway…for it is the truth and it may be just what someone you know needs to hear.


 Thanks, Pastor Mark.

And thanks to flickr and crayolasue, for the photo.



“Putting on Christ”…and the importance of ‘distinguishing law from gospel’


I think I’ll call these short outtakes, ‘quick hitters’. Here’s a ‘quick hitter’ with a bit about “putting on Christ” (Baptism)…and then how important it is to distinguish the law from the gospel and the purpose of each.

This ‘quick hitter’ is under 8 minutes long. Perfect to send to someone who may just be learning about some of these important theological issues in our faith. Or…as a good refresher or reminder to someone like me, who constantly needs to hear it.

click here > Law and Gospel distinction 


Thanks, Pastor Mark.

And thanks to flickr and TrinityBayRidge, for the photo.