No Baptism cake for Jesus.

Instead of having a nice party, the Holy Spirit led Jesus out into the wilderness to meet…the devil.

Well, that’s a fine ‘how do ya do’ for the Son of God.

What then does this mean for you, and where you are being led by the Spirit? What does this mean for your Baptism?


 click here >No Baptism cake for Jesus




Thank you, Pastor Mark.

And thanks to flickr and, for the photo.




8 Responses

  1. All I can say is “WOW”. And that is so incomplete an observation. Tho a Lenten message, maybe one of the most powerful Easter messages I have ever heard. He so makes me fall in gratitude to our great Substitute. He so makes me able to receive grace for myself apart from trying to clean myself up before I can come in off the porch like the bad dog. He helps me quit pretending.

  2. Thanks for your good words, Mary.

    Yes, our Lord does do these things to us. His Word actually does something to us.

    It slays us…and then raises us again to new life…in Himself.

    No more “pretending”.

  3. Question, if you please. After listening to this message from Pastor Mark on what transpired after Jesus was baptized, I read and was thinking about Luke 7:29 and 30, the correlation between believing and baptism. Can you extrapolate? 8^) I am not very understanding of Lutheran theology. Am I off on a rabbit trail?

  4. I think those verses say that the people recognized this man, John the Baptist, as God’s prophet and readily submitted themselves to John’s baptism.

    But that the Jewish religious leaders rejected this man, John the Baptist, and all that he was doing and revealing about the one to come after him (Jesus).

    The next several verses speak to the fact that they (the Jewish leaders) did not want to repent and take John (who was all about taking God’s law ernestly) seriously, and that they would likewise reject Jesus, who was not ‘by the book’ legalistic…but was ‘by the heart’ gracious…for the neighbor.

    In essence, they (the Pharisees and the lawyers) were rejecting both God’s law…and His grace…in favor of their self-centered, self-justifying religion.

  5. I will chew on this. Probably power and control sprinkled in too??

  6. No doubt, Mary.

    When something new comes along (even if it’s God in the flesh)…the old ways are hard to give up.

    I am a perfect example of that!

  7. Me too. I came back from my walk to find an email from work on my iPad. My feathers were a teensy bit ruffled and I was reminded that my old Adam nature is alive and well. Actually, now that I think of it, I know I need His grace and mercy more now than ever. And yet in this recognition, there is my rest. I am thankful. Have a most excellent day!!

  8. “Actually, now that I think of it, I know I need His grace and mercy more now than ever. And yet in this recognition, there is my rest.”

    I think you have just summed up the whole of the Christian life, Mary.

    Talk to you soon, my friend.

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