Here it is… THE question that precipitated the Reformation.

St. Paul.   Origen.   Augustine.   Luther.   How to find a God of grace and mercy?    Reading St. Paul through a legal scheme, and why most churches today still do that.

 This is one class that you should listen to, if at all possible.

 Whether you agree with everything in it is not the point. But that you’ll have a greater understanding of why we believe as we do and why we hold to the pure gospel as God’s will for sinners, apart from anything that we do.


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THE question that precipitated the Reformation  – part 1  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Thanks for the class, Pastor Mark.

And thanks to flickr and normafincher, for the photo.


6 Responses

  1. How one’s listens (reads) the words of Holy Scripture, make all the difference.

    If, as Pastor Mark says, if one uses a legal grid to sift the words of Scripture, one will end up with words that are dependent on our words, or actions, or feelings or thoughts.

    If, on the other hand, one use the grid of the grace and mercy of God for sinners who don’t deserve Him, then one can have real assurance and trust that after all is said and done, that God is for him/her…and not against them.

    I appreciated this class more than I can say. I believe it will help me in my dealings with other Christians as I try to pass along to them the great gift of the gospel which our Lord has so freely and graciously given to me…free of charge.


  2. Just one Texas phrase to describe this class. Good freakin’ googlee mooglee!! What an excellent message. This Gospel/Grace paradigm gets better all the time. A huge thanks from me to Pastor Mark for teaching it and Steve for posting it online! I will be chewing on this for awhile.

  3. Thanks, Steve, again for maintaining this site. I love to listen to your pastor. I just downloaded the 2nd part and will listen on my walk. The Gospel laced through his messages never fails to lift me. It surely is a grid that we see and hear through or not. And most certainly not the “paradigm of the day”. Please pass along my gratitude. He may never retire! (this from one who just turned 65! I will work as long as I am able) 8^)

  4. 2 did not in the least dissappoint. I came hard to a gracious Gospel. I was always saved by grace but kept by obedience. If/but…Romans 8…it was no condemnation now but only “FOR those who walk by the Spirit”. I could not grasp grace because my Old Adam nature was too alive. The only thing that has begun to give me rest IS the Gospel itself. It alone has made me unafraid. It alone has invited me to become real. I do love Luther. I love the Lutheran presentation of the Gospel. I look forward to Pastor Mark’s Romans class. Yea!!!

  5. Hi Mary,

    Happy belated Birthday!

    It is a real joy to have someone like you who is hearing the pure, unmitigated gospel, and who is being filled with it.

    You are a real encouragement to us here at this blog, Mary. Thanks for that.

    I too am looking forward to the Romans class. I know it will be very edifying for us.

    God bless you, Mary!

    – Steve

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