The Sacred Sandwich

Please pray…


Friend of this blog and a dear sister in Christ, Susanne Schuberth, needs our prayers. She is not doing very well.

Please remember Susanne, and ask those around you to pray that the Lord will take care of her and give to her whatever it is that she needs.

Thank you.

               – Steve


Thanks to all of you.

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Jesus didn’t come to bring you a band-aid…


…but rather He came to cleanse you…of sin…and grant you eternal life and salvation.


Pastor Mark’s sermon for the 6th Sunday after the Epiphany:

click here > Jesus didn’t come to bandage our wounds



Thank you, Pastor Mark. 

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Christ Alone


Pastor Mark teaches from and expounds on a book written by Pastor Meg Madson from Minneapolis, MN., titled, “The Cross and the Crown   –  How the solas work together”

Pastor Madson’s book lays out the Lutheran solas, how these solas work together (they are not independent of each other despite the word ‘sola’), and what it means to be a Lutheran Christian.

The class starts off with some comments on church unity (or disunity), but gets back to the main topic after a few minutes.

 click here > Christ Alone



You can order a copy of ‘The Cross and the Crown’, here:



Thanks, Pastor Mark.  And thanks to Pastor Meg Madson for her wonderful book.


Bible Study – The Great Book of Romans (chapter 8)

This is a terrific Bible study in Romans that Pastor Mark gave a while back.

It’s one of my favorites, and I never tire of listening to it.  ‘Let’s start with death…and then go on from there’.

( you don’t hear that too often in your local non-denominational/Baptist/Calvinist/Pentecostal church on the corner…and they are ripping you off by not starting with your impending death, and the death that you died in Baptism )


Anywho…give it a listen, and then feel free to make comments…or yell at me…or whatever you want.  Just keep it clean  😀


click here > The Great Book of Romans (chapter 8)




Thanks, Pastor Mark!

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Luther on turning the Scriptures into a lawbook.


“It has become a deplorable custom that the Gospels and the Epistles are treated like law books, in which one is to learn what we are to do, and in which the works of Christ are presented as nothing but an example held before one’s eyes.  Wherever this errant opinion remains within the heart, there neither gospel nor epistle can be read usefully and in a Christian way;  such readers remain nothing but heathen,  as before.”


>>>>> – Martin Luther                                                                                                    


From a work by Lutheran theologian Oswald Bayer, titled ‘Martin Luther’s Theology’, 2003

Here’s a link to Chapter 4 of that work, ‘What Makes the Bible Become Holy Scripture’:


Thanks to CrossAlone Lutheran District for making this available on their site.

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