Larry D. Hughes’ New Blog


 Larry (the Kentucky Lutheran) Hughes is a brand new addition to the Christian blogesphere!

Check out Larry’s blog and give him what for (he loves it)!

  click here:  The-Sacrament-Is-The-Gospel

I’d like to wish Larry happy and prosperous (for the Kingdom) blogging! 

I hope that you good folks will pop in there once in awhile and catch some of Larry’s good  thoughts on the Christian faith…and whatever else he chooses to write about….and add your 2 cents worth.

My only hope is that Larry will learn to break out of his shell and that he will be able to write more than a few short sentences on the topic at hand.  😀

Congratulations on your new blog, Larry!

  Your friend and brother in Christ,

                                       – Steve M.  (the Old Adam)


Any advice for Larry as he begins his blogging journey?

10 Responses

  1. Thanks much Steve. And I’d like to thank Dawn, Howard, Extra Nos, James and many others for encouraging and nudging me along to do it. I so enjoy your all’s blogs though! I’ll have to work on my article lengths, I’m just not good at that yet!

    I’m a green horn when it comes to running a blog so I’m still learning the bells and whistles. I’m still fumbling with how to do the pictures.



  2. Larry,

    Don’t worry about the length of your work. I was just kidding you a bit (you know that). You have built up a pretty good reputation for in depth comments and articles. Sometimes it takes more than a sound-bite.
    (and I’m not good at that yet!)

    You’re doing great, Larry.

    If you need a hand with the pictures, give me a call.

    Keep on, keepin’ on!

    – Steve

    PS- Now that you have a blog, there is a way to have your name (when you leave your comments on other’s blogs) become a link to your blog.

    I’ll look at it and see if I can tell you how to do that.

  3. Good work, Larry – I’m looking forward to reading your entries in detail later today.

    May I also suggest another blog that may be of interest to folks here:

    Discovered it last night and looks very interesting!

  4. Best blogging advice I’ve ever heard was:

    Find a niche.
    Post often.

    People stop reading if you only post 3x a month.

    Welcome to the blogosphere.

  5. Good show old man! About time you got a blog going! Thanks for the heads up St Stephen!

    God’s peace. †

  6. Advice…..hmm….block Steve’s comments! I love you brother Steve!!

  7. Awesome, Larry! I’m looking forward to reading your posts.

  8. Larry,
    I meandered over to your blog, but I will have to wait until I have more time to read the posts. I always thought your comments were long, but I can see you were holding back. 🙂

  9. So what happened to it?

  10. Xan,

    I think Larry had some internet connection problems (and some other things going on, as well), and has decided to take a break from blogging for a bit.

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