Good old Marty…

“If God promises something, then faith must fight a long and bitter fight, for reason or the flesh judges that God’s pro mises are impossible. Therefore faith must battle against reason and its doubts…………. Faith is something that is busy, powerful and creative, though properly speaking, it is essentially an enduring than a doing. It changes the mind and heart. While reason holds to what is present, faith apprehends the things that are not seen. Contrary to reason, faith regards the invisible things as already materialized. This explains why faith, unlike hearing is not found in many, for only few believe, while the great majority cling to the things that are present and can be felt and handled rather than to the Word.”

                                                                          ~ Martin Luther, ‘The Promises’


“Long and bitter fight”?   Huh?

Didn’t Luther realize that we were saved once, way back there at the cross (or when I made my decision) and that now I am on the Christian escalator…constantly moving upward and onward?