Law and Gospel radio program…

Good show on the radio right now (or on the net KFUO.  SLOVAKIA-NEWBORNS-MUSIC

 If you miss it live on the net, you can catch it tomorrow on the archived programs.

Become as these little ones…and listen in!

4 Responses

  1. I keep focusing on these babies… I would never allow someone to place headphones on my newborn baby. Never.

    I sure enjoy kfuo!

  2. Magdalene,

    No kidding! (about the babies I mean) It might have been done in the hospital for some sort of medical reason, or test.

    KFUO is great! Although, the removal of Issues etc. was, and is, a really big issue with many.

    I love the program Law and Gospel. I think Tom Baker is terrific.

    – Steve

  3. Hello Steve,

    I have heard headphones are used in the hospital nurseries nowadays. Times are a changin …

    Issues, Etc. will be back again … new name, better and stronger than ever IMHO.

    An old friend of mine used to tell me about the Law and Gospel programs. They are his favorite. I need to listen to them.

  4. Hello Magdalene,

    Glad to hear Issues Etc. will be back!

    Most of those Law and Gospel programs are archived (the first hour, anyway). Lots of great stuff there. It’s great that you can call in and ask Tom questions on his program (live).

    I hope the hospital did have that program on for the babies! Start ’em off on the right foot!

    Thanks Magdalene!

    – steve

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