“Many are Called but Few are Chosen.”

In ‘The Hammer of God’ by Bo Giertz , a Sweedish pastor describes God as a man who walks down the roadway with a pointy stick picking up old rusty tin cans and putting them into his sack.

The pastor was trying to make the point to a young pastor how it is with God, that He is the one that does the choosing of us and not the other way around.

The pastor also seems to be making the point that God likes junk. He likes to pick up something that for all intents and purposes seems trashy, discarded, used up, and worthless. He then cleans it up and gives it new life and puts it to use in His service.DSC00090

Does God pick up every old rusty can He comes across, or just certain ones that He chooses?

The Bible says that God chooses some. Jesus says, “many are called , but few are chosen.”

Is this hard saying, troubling to you?  Comforting? Or puzzling? Or would you prefer to just not think about it?