The Two Christian Paradigms

Within Christianity there are basically  Two Christian Paradigms.    One is where God has done everything for you. So. Let's say you're in a foreign country.

And the other, where God has done a portion for you. God may have done 99.9% and all that remains for you is that miniscule fraction of a percentage point, but it is a portion nonetheless. In this paradigm there are, of course, varrying degrees of percentages of effort, and or sincerity on your part, from a very little (as we have already discussed) to extensive, and quite involved.

Pastor Mark Anderson has done a pretty neat job of explaining just how these paradigms operate within our Christian lives and offers some good reasons as to why one of these paradigms is the truth, and the other is a lie.

Maybe you disagree with this assessment of the two modes of Christian faith, and can offer up a viable alternative.

The accompanying sermon is about 22 minutes and might just supply you all the ammo that you need to either concur or refute Pastor Anderson’s claims.

(click on the blue ‘Two Christian Paradigms’ in the first sentence to hear the sermon)