Up to a Little Test?

Faithfulness to Jesus is a  pretty good benchmark to see if we are really His…is it not?

Are we not exhorted, if not outright commanded to do these things?

This test is but a tiny sampling of all the things that we should be doing because Jesus has told us to do them.  There is also a test of all the things that we should not be doing.  (I’ll post that in the near future)

Keep in mind that these things are bare minimums and should not in any way constitute the whole of the law (God’s demands).                                                 THE LORD IS SEEKING TO AND FRO FOR ONE WHO IS LED BY HIS SPIRIT

But these few actions are a pretty good guide to get you on track towards a true faithfulness .

I am sure that the Old Adam/Eve in us all will have quite a bit to say about the legitimacy of this test.