‘How To’ Christianity

It’s everywhere. Turn on the radio…turn on the television…read “Christian” books…read “Christian” bloggers. ‘How to’ Christianity is everywhere! ‘The 10 Biblical Principles for cleaning your dogs teeth’. 14 Principles to become more Jesus’-like. ‘How to have a better Christian marriage’. ‘How to play basketball like a real Christian’. the watchers

What a joke. A bad joke.

People, do you not know that the law is written upon your hearts? The fact that people are running around saying they don’t know how to live their lives as a Christian is a load of bunk. Any adult man or woman knows in his or her heart what God expects of them. They just flat out refuse to do it. They flat out refuse to live up to the high standards that God demands that they live up to so they whittle those standards down and carve them into principles that they can manage or at least enough to fool other Christian friends and neighbors who are busy trying to fool them as well. 

Christian Principles for living is just the law packaged in a friendlier format. The law is still the law.

“I wish you would stop talking about Law and Gospel”. “I’m sick of you always bringing up that Law/Gospel paradigm, what does that have to do with trying to live as Jesus tells me to live?”

Just everything…that’s what.

Why is this law banging so pervasive? Why can we not get away from the constant barrage of law posing as gospel in our churches? Because the law is what we do. We are all about the self justification project and we will get better even if it kills our Lord Jesus…and it did.

“He must increase, I must decrease.’ Oh really? Then why in heaven’s name are you trying to pack goodness onto yourselves with your little righteousness projects?

Trust in Him!  That’s how He increases! Get off the religion project! There’s a lot more productive stuff you can be doing…like focusing on your neighbor and being a freed human being that loves and cries and mourns and prays and sings and laughs and lives..in the freedom of Christ!

‘How to’? Faaghettaboudit!!

    – Steve Martin