Can you get outside of yourself for 4 minutes?

          St. Olaf Choir, Northfield Minnesota

Primer on Infant Baptism

 RóbertI wish to thank Eric Anderson for his patience in trying to teach this old dog a few new tricks when it comes to using my computer and this blog program. Eric is Pastor Mark Anderson’s (my Pastor) son and if this works his hours of torment at my request will not have been in vain.

  I just found this video clip on you-tube and thought it would be a good test case, and maybe get somebody’s blood moving faster than normal in the process.  Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy Pastor Lassman’s class on Infant Baptism (one piece of it anyway).

Pastor Lassman is Pastor of Messiah Lutheran Church,  Seattle, WA.

PS – It didn’t take me hours to learn how to post the you-tube to the blog…I’m not that dumb. Most of the time and effort went into teaching me how to turn on the computer.

          – Steve Martin