Are you Working? Hard Enough? Are you Sure?

“Now to one who works, his wages are not reckoned as a gift but his due.

And to one who does not work but trusts him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is reckoned as righteousness.”

– St. Paul   Romans 4:4&5

“Yeah but’, you just can’t live any way you want! ‘Yeah but’ you need to show God you are thankful and serious. ‘Yeah but’ yada yada yada yada. ‘Yeah but’ wah wah wah wah wah. ‘Yeah but’ you gotta XY&Z. ‘Yeah but’….”‘Yeah but’..NOTHING!  Go back and read it agaelmer-fuddin. Go get a shotgun and blow that cute little ‘Yeahbut’ to kingdom come!  It’s either you or him, one of you has got to go!

11 Responses

  1. you forgot one.

    yeah but you have to decide for Jesus

  2. Steven G.,

    ‘Yeah but’…I didn’t mean to!

    Alright ,all of you would- be semi-Pelagians out there…”‘Yeah but’…you have to make a decision for Jesus, don’t you?”

    No. Actually you don’t.

    Well, actually we have already made our decisions for Jesus…and the decision was…NO!

    Good point, Steven G.!

    – Steve M.

  3. This marries with something I heard on a programme last night…
    ‘We all understand what we have been made free from – it’s a little harder to define what we have been made free for’. Salvation, as noted by Wingren, is life – human life – in the hands of God. To be saved is to become human, to reject grace is to reject our very humanity. Salvation embraces all that is creational and redeems this, for salvation is unimpaired human life in all its wholeness. In Christ, this salvation will impact upon the whole created order, now, in the foretaste we know as a new creation, but soon in the entire created order. Now there’s a truth to get us out of bed!

  4. Howard,

    “That is a truth that will get us out of bed”…except that we’d rather lay there and count the holes in the ceiling tiles…or count all of the great things we are doing because we are now a Christian…same thing.

    Thanks my Friend!

    – Steve

  5. Is the “yeah but” season open year round? Cause I gots me a shotgun, and I will shoot. I think the only difference between the “yeah but” and all the other critters I like to hunt. Is where I know with the others God created them for my enjoyment. The “yeah but” is the spawn of the devil, specifically. It’s the devils favorite line. Yeah but doesn’t that apple look delicious.

    Steve, great meeting you, thanks for the lunch.
    your brother in Christ,

  6. Bror,

    Yous gets dat shotsgun and goes a blastin!

    The great thing about ‘yeah but’ season is that it is year round and they are a hidin’ behind every bush!

    The bad thing is that they can kill a man with just a little nibble on the ear.

    Bror, I very much enjoyed meeting and hanging out with you for a little while. Let’s do it again sometime.
    I hope you are having a wonderful time with your son.

    Your fellow ‘yeah but’ hunter and brother in Christ,


  7. Jeremiah speaks in gospel fashion when he says:

    Jeremiah 20:9 If I say, “I will not mention him, or speak any more in his name,” there is in my heart as it were a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I am weary with holding it in, and I cannot.

    Notice something burning in his heart that he didn’t put there…God DID! and also, if he doesn’t do something with what God has given him…THAT will make him weary! WHAT? so opposite to the natural…

    remember, we are not saved BECAUSE of works…but saved freely and only by God alone…to do good works…which even God prepared beforehand for us to do!!

    The “if we______ then God will_____ ” is blasphemy!

    “Because God_____ therefore we _____” …this is gospel truth!


    Absolutely it is. It is always God at work within us, even in our sanctification. “He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion.”

    As we go and do our works for the day, whatever they might be, we must remember that God loves us before we started the day.

    We belong to Him. NOW…go and do. And when we fail to live up to His standards (which is always), we are forgiven.

    Thanks Danny!

    – Steve

  9. Oh how refreshing it is to hear others speak of God’s sovereignty in all things. God is the source of all good things! Salvation is not wrought by “making a decision for Christ” but freely gifted by grace to His elect through the blood of Jesus Christ!

    I completely agree with you, Danny! Because God saved me, therefore I live for Him. Amen.

    An an aside, have you heard the preaching of Paul Washer, Steve?

  10. Joel,

    Good comments on God’s sovereignty Joel. A big Amen to that!

    I believe I did listen to a couple of Paul Washer’s sermons on youtube.

    I’m not going to comment, though, because I want to go and listen and make sure it’s the same guy I was thinking of.

    I’ll listen again a little later today to make sure. I’ll then give you my 2 cents worth.

    Thanks Joel!

    – Steve M.

  11. […] Are you Working? Hard Enough? Are you Sure? And to one who does not work but trusts him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is reckoned as righteousness.” – St. Paul Romans 4:4&5. “Yeah but’, you just can’t live any way you want! ‘Yeah but’ you need to show God you are thankful … […]

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