Warning! (now I have been warned by a so-called “post Evangelical” )

Yes, that’s right…I have been warned by a so-called “post Evangelical”, to  “stop warning people.” That’s rich.

On this blog and some others, there has been much discussion of thBe careful of cautione law and what we ought do regarding it.  Well, just read my post before this one and you’ll know where I stand on the issue. I call for a return to Jesus Christ and His righteousness, alone.

But others, well, they want to hang onto the law. “Jesus said it… we must do it.”  That’s right. How are you doing?

“Yeah, I know I cant keep it perfectly, but I must try.” As if Jesus told us somewhere he only expected our best efforts. Wrong again, Mr. Religious Project Man, your best efforts don’t count for didly squat. Plus they are all tainted with your selfish religiosity anyway. 

I haven’t warned anyone, that I can recall. I do use quotes from St. Paul, he tells people that if they want to be law keepers, to play the religious game, “…then they sever themselves from Christ.” Is that my warning? You got a beef with that one, take it up with Paul when you get there.

People love the religion game. A new book on ‘How To’ with respect to the Christian faith comes out every other day. These folks have got to read every single one of them lest they miss some great “spiritual” insight or some new tips on how to apply ‘biblical principles’.

Have you ever noticed that these folks just never seem to arrive. They’re always just one more book away, or maybe the next seminar will do it, or  Jimmy Bob Jenkins is coming to town, then I’ll finally have the rest, the peace, and the assurance Christ desires me to have.  Right.

God’s law is like an iron rod, straight and true. It’s not meant to be manipulated by selfish  idolators that want to fashion it into rings to place in the noses of people to lead them to and fro. It’s meant to be driven though the heart of the hearer, that he might die to himself. Then Christ and His gospel of forgiveness can raise that dead person to new life. Christ does this…for us, alone, by Himself, out of His grace and mercy. 

But Christ is just never enough, have you noticed?  It’s always Christ + with these people.

Well, Christ is enough for me, and lots of other folks too.

If people want to play church and decieve themselves into thinking that they are doing the things that God commands in His law…well, then that’s fine with me…have at it. But don’t get angry with me, because then you are going against what Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount.

The house of cards built on the law is shaking for some. They and their religious projects have been exposed for the utter failures that they are…and they don’t like it. They don’t like it one bit.

Good.  That is how it should be.

In defense of Jesus Christ and His righteousness for us, alone.

     – Steve Martin