What does faith in Christ look like?

Faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ may look like many things, but is success part of that picture?

What is it about success that is so seductive for this creature called human?

I attended a large mega-church for a short time. All the signs of success were clearly visable. It was actually a bit ovewhelming.  The momemtum of success seemed to feed off of itself and create… more success.

There are a lot of things happening in certain large ministries. They keep many people involved in a church. They have many outreach programs and programs to build a better ‘everything’ and to repair anything in the life of the believer. They have many worship services and bible study groups for every demographic within that community. They preach and teach about Jesus and biblical principles for Godly living. They are actively seeking the lost.

The people that are involved in a church setting such as I’ve described are doing a lot of good for themselves and for others. The atmosphere breeds success in the way that the culture defines success. 

 What could possibly be wrong with that?