Law on the Brain


 Last night I went to a party and met a guy (a non-denominational Christian) who wanted to talk to me about Jesus.

Great! I love talking about Jesus Christ!  But for some odd reason the conversation just would not stay there… it kept going back to all the things he (this gentleman ) was doing to become the person that Jesus wanted him to be.  “Oh I know I am totally saved by grace, no one can add anything to that!” He  threw that line in there about every five minutes in a 45 minute conversation that seemed like it lasted 45 hours.

“Here’s what I’m doing to apply this biblical principle, here are the things that my wife and I are doing to have a more Godly marriage, here’s what I am doing to be a more Christlike employee, a more Christlike son, a more Christlike brother, a more Christlike… yada, yada, yada.”

It was one of the worst 45 minute stretches of my life.

Then I told the guy I was a Lutheran, and he followed me around (after I managed to break away from him) so that he could have a chance to straighten me out on infant baptism.

This is what happens when well meaning preachers don’t know anything about distinguishing the law from the gospel. ” Yeah, I know I’m saved by grace, but.” The ‘but’ will give you ‘law on the brain’.

This guy is a perfect example of someone who needs to be killed off to his own religious project.

These poor people go into these places needing that ‘old Adam’ killed off… and instead they get their ‘old Adam’ fed a nice large meal…of you know what.

Is anyone else out there running into these poor Christians that are covered in chains? What can we do to help free them? 

I do want to add that I admire this persons zeal to speak of Jesus to strangers and to share his faith. I know many Lutherans that would never dream of doing so. (and also quite a few Lutherans that would dream of it… and do it !)