Overbearing Christians

You know the type.

Always ready with an outward act of piety to show others just how serious thCrazy born-again Christianey are about God. Always ready to ‘talk someome into’ becoming a Christian with irrefutable evidence.  Always ready to beat someone over the head using the Bible as a bludgeon. Always ready to make you feel inferior. Always ready to scare someone into heaven with the threat of hell. Always ready with the list of do’s and dont’s. Always ready to look down on people, so that they might be looked up to.

Know anybody like this?   I do.   Me.  

 Yes, I guess there have been times when I have engaged in all of the above. And now I often wonder just how much damage I did to the would-be believer. I wonder just how far my zealous efforts went towards hardening the hearts of those I was pressuring. I wonder how much different it might have been if I had just looked for an opportunity, in a time of pain for that person, to tell them that I know how they feel, that I too experience those hurts and sadnesses in my life. But that there is one who came to heal this pain for them, and that He loves them and died for them. And just leave it at that.

No carefully crafted pitches or speeches. No pie charts or graphs to size up the credits and debits of a relationship with Christ. No coaxing them into making some decision that might only leave them with a false sense of security.  Just a simple word of promise to a person in need.

And then later, a prayer that the Lord will use my poor words to accomplish His purposes in the life of that person and by His mercy and grace He might grab a hold of that heart and make it His own.

                 – Steve Martin