Living by Faith, or by Deeds, or a little of Both

 When it comes right down to the nuts and bolts of having a relationship with the living God, what do most people do? Do they trust in God completely? Do they trust in God and also in their ability to do what God asks of them, or is it maybe a little bit of both, or a lot of one and God and Automobilesa little of the other?

Are some of the ways in which we endeavor to live with God tougher on us than others?

Personally, I think the toughest route is living by faith, alone.  I think that trusting that God will be there for me, and forgive me, and provide for me, is just about impossible to do all of the time.  It always seems easiest for me if I take the teamwork approach and rely on God once in awhile and rely on my own efforts most of the time.

Is there a right way and a wrong way to approach our relationship with the living God?

How do you handle it?


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  1. I would like to meet a person who trusts God completely. Completely without doubt or weak moments of worry and fear.

    Imagine what it will be like to live completely free of worry, pain, fear, hostile feelings, depression, etc. To know (for sure) that all has been provided for and we will always be accepted and loved. Imagine what it will be like to live a full life of joy, love, peace, rest with Him, worship Him continuously with joy and love—no distractions or worldly duties to lure us away from Him.

    When I was listening to Pastor Anderson’s sermon the other day, I thought about how a person could truly rest with Him (completely) if they truly “believed” every thing that was being preached (God’s Word). Believing in that way, along with believing Jesus is the Son of God and our Lord and Saviour.

  2. i am not sure i approach this whole “walk with God” thing in any sort of mechanical kind of way. all I know is that when I was 20, living in the projects just outside Boston, living for me, myself and I…next thing you know I am in a head-on collision with the True and Living God…next thing i knew is that i am pitiful compared to Him…dessimated inside and out…and in that broken state God communicated a free-grace promise that even though I am what I am, Jesus loved me and gave Himself for me! BLINDSIDED big time.
    Ever since that day I know something is very different in life. God is real. Jesus is real and His love is incredible, matchless. Ups and downs since then for sure, yet God has been faithful for the past 26 years to show Himself in the good, bad and ordinary days.
    For me, to live by grace alone, through faith alone, for His glory alone because of Jesus alone, based on His word alone…this has shown me that His relationship with me – thats right – His…relationship…with me is more on His shoulders than mine!
    that’s freeing, joyful and a taste of Heaven now!

  3. I tend to rather do my own thing and hope God finds me in there somewhere.

  4. Magdalene,

    I see what you mean. If we truly believed in Him, fully, we could absolutely let go and let God…no worries.

    But since we are at heart, unbelievers. Christ steps in at gives us the faith that we need.

    I would love to have full, trusting faith in God and let Him be in control…but the old Adam in me just will not let that happen.

    Thanks be to God that the old Adam and His evil ways are not a barrier to God’s grace, and that He will keep me in His faith, even if it’s by a string on my collar.

    Thank you, Magdalene.

    – Steve M.

  5. Danny, Doorman-Priest,

    I think you guys also have this faith thing figured out. It’s pretty much an outside-in endeavor.

    “Even in our faithlessness, He is faithful.” (that’s somewhere in the Bible…in more than one place, I’m sure)

    Thanks much!

    – Steve M.

  6. None of us can trust Him completely. It is why we need Christ’s continual intercession for us. I think our Christian lives are much like the Augustine quote I recently posted. “Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you.”

  7. Russ,

    Hello Russ,

    That is a great quote by Augustine. I appreciate you sharing it.

    My concern is for those for whom God’s Law and God’s gospel are not properly distinguised. I met a man last evening, who know full well that He was saved by God’s grace alone. He told me that in no uncertain terms. And then for the next 45 minutes he told me of all the ways he was working out all of the biblical principles in his life. He was striving (for Christ) to be the perfect father, son, brother, Christian, etc. To me it seemed like 45 hours.

    This poor man was living under the law. The Evangelical church he attends has taught him all about how Christ has saved him from the curse of the law and then proceeded to rip that sweet gospel message back out of his hands and replace it with a list of ‘to do’s’.

    Working is great…on this level, for humanity’s sake. Working for God can be quite deadly if one makes a ‘religious project’ out of it.

    Russ, I enjoy your site quite a bit. I have much to learn from a guy like you.

    Thanks very much! And thanks for stopping by and contributing to ‘the oldAdam’.

    Your friend in Christ,


  8. I like the adage “Have faith in God but lock your car.” I think God helps those who help themselves.

    In some ways I admire those who place all on faith, and in others I do not. “I’m unemployed because God is teaching me a lesson.” Learn the lesson, but don’t make God’s will your excuse. It’s a team effort, if you will.

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