Is becoming more Spiritual the goal?

Is the Christian life an adventure in Spirituality? Should it be? Or should we leave the things of the Spirit up to God and concentrate on being human?  4 Minutes After Daylight [on her way]

Give a listen to ‘ becoming-more-spiritual‘ a sermon by Pastor Mark. If you can’t spend the whole 20 minutes, the first 30 seconds is worth it for a good laugh.

3 Responses

  1. First, the little squeal from the baby (before the sermon started) is sweet. A sure sign of a Lutheran Church (children present). 😉

    Love one another. And allow others to love us.

    I was surprised that Pastor Anderson stated most Christians do not feel comfortable in their own skin. I wonder why.

    Maybe, because, we try to hold on to our independence.

    I agree, about the simple acts of love.

  2. And, because we do not trust in God… enough.

  3. Magdalene,

    I think Pastor Anderson was speaking to the phenomenon of ‘spirituality seekers’.
    That so many Christians sre seeking to escape their mundane existences and to rise above it all, even if it’s just for an hour or two on Sunday morning.
    This desire to escape reality(even just a little bit) reflects (for many – I don’t know about most) a discomfort in their own being.

    That’s my take on it , anyway…I might be really off base. It wouldn’t be the first time…today.:D

    Thanks Magdalene!

    – Steve

    PS- Stll working on finding the right key on my keyboard to make the cross.

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