When times are rough…

When things go wrong…terribly wrong, and they will, don’t be afraid to let God have it. Pour out your guts to Him with all you’ve got.   But in  the midst of our suffering God is there. Listen to a short (4 min.) audio clip that drives the point home.Numb

4 Responses

  1. What a blessing to hear these words… thanks for sharing them.

    The speaker is teaching us (through God’s Word) … reminding us, how without God, we are truly nothing. These words show us how glorious God is, merciful and loving … He has been with us from the beginning and remains with us always.

    The world has a desire to “clean up the messes” and through “worldliness” we can have success, which brings happiness and fulfillment… which are lies.

    Again, my mind goes back to the book of Revelation. A friend once taught me (through God’s Word), how through terrible times, we can remain faithful to God and finish in the end with Christ, even through a physical death… only to open our eyes to an eternal life with Him.

  2. Magdalene,

    “We are dust and to dust we will return.” And through all the pain and all the suffering, either of our own making or foisted upon us, God is there for us.

    Thanks my Friend!

    – Steve M.

  3. Yes… dust. And, when we are broken and torn into a million pieces… it is His eternal love that can make us whole again.

    Now… that’s a Friend! 😉

    What a friend we have in Jesus…

  4. Magdalene,

    Amen! A truer Friend no one has ever had.

    – Steve

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