The Good News!

The ‘Good News’ is that there is nothing that you have to do to enter the kingdom of Heaven.

There is nothing at all that you have to do. If there was sojump for joymething then it wouldn’t be ‘Good News’.

Christ has done it all, on the cross, in your baptism, at His supper, declared you to be forgiven and righteous in Himself. Now you are totally free!

That’s the ‘Good News’! If that doesn’t feel like good news to you, but rather that announcement makes you a little uneasy…then you haven’t really heard it yet. There’s a part of you that still lives under the law. So, we’ll keep repeating this until (by God’s grace) it sticks…’your sins are forgiven for Jesus sake’!

    – Steve

2 Responses

  1. Great post bro!. If the presentation of the Gospel in the Supper causes concern perhaps the person need have the law hit them over the head some more. After a person gets a whiff of how incredibly hopeless he or she are the reception of His gifts is indeed Good News.

    God’s peace. †

  2. David,

    I think you are absolutely right.

    The graciousness of the gospel, whether it be in the announcement of it, or in baptism, or in the sacrament of the altar, is just that for many…too gracious. “It can’t be that easy”

    Well, it wasn’t that easy. A real man gave His life on that cross…for those that would not have Him.

    Keep on wielding that two edged blade of Law and Gospel, David. The Lord will do the hard part.

    Peace of the Lord be with You also!
    – Steve

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