Lutheran Pastor vs. Biblicist

Thanks to ‘TheLutheranSatire’, and a hat tip to my friend ‘Martin Luther’s Disciple’ over at Phoenix-Preacher




5 Responses

  1. That is hilarious!!

  2. Yeah…I thought it was pretty good. Funny…yet true.

    Or maybe, funny because it’s true.

  3. A long silence and then, “I’ll pray for you.” Nothing like examining whether or not you might be wrong. Saying you’ll pray for someone else, in this way, is pretty condescending.

  4. Good observation, RL.

    People often just fly by facts to get to their dearly held notions. It’s tough to even get a hearing from most of these “free will” folks.

    I hope you and the family are hanging in there. We are still praying for you. Is there anything else we can do for you, RL?

  5. if we are limited to doing only what’s in the Bible then we’d all go insane. that was rad.

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