Did the Bible drop out of Heaven with a bow tied around it?

Bible by noshoes

Or did someone stumble upon it out in a field somewhere the way Joseph Smith (supposedly) found those golden plates?

No…actually there was a process involving a lot of players.

Here’s a primer, and a quick overview of how the Christian Bible came to be, and some of the different ways Christians view the Bible.

           click here >    How the Bible came to be


There are a couple of gaps or quick dead spots on the audio, but hang in for the  whole class…it’s worth it.

 As always, your comments or questions  are welcome.


Thanks to flickr and noshoes for the photo.


The Bible pictured above is thought to be the actual Bible that St. Paul used in his ministry. 🙂 .



3 Responses

  1. Yes it did.

    Odd how the good folks who insist on an inerrant Bible are the same ones who defend their choice and free will in deciding to choose God. The argument is that ‘God is a gentleman and would never violate mans free will”..so if God is like that, then did He violate the free will of the writers of scripture by reducing them to mere stenographers?

  2. What gets me is the lack of confidence in the power of the Word, itself.

    St. Paul didn’t even have a Bible to work with, but he had the Word, in his heart and on his lips.

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