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 Message for Sunday March 6th, 2011   

                                    Alsace, Haut-Rhin, Colmar, Musée d'UnterLinden : Mathias Grünewald, " retable d'Issenheim : La Résurrection " by Vincent Desjardins


Why Jesus and not some other religious leader of one’s choosing?


click here > Transfiguration


…and another good one in the same vein (from a while back)

click here > The Crucible-between belief and unbelief





Thanks to flickr and Vincent Desjardins for the photo

Mission, Universalism, Salvation

  Pastor Mark talks about the two main thrusts of Christian Mission and their implications. He then talks about Salvation as not just a future hope but a present reality.

Universalism is on the front burner nowadays thanks to Rob Bell, and Pastor Mark touches on this, as well, towards the end of the class.

   click here > Mission-Universalism-Salvation

 Fork in the Road by So Cal Metro

 Pastor Mark’s class is every Sunday after worship from about 11:30 to 12:30 ish.  If you’re going to be in the Newport Beach area of Southern California, you have an open invitation to join us.

And of course you’re invited to worship with us first, at 10am.

Lutheran Church of the Master

2600 Pacific View Dr., Corona del Mar, Ca 92625



Thanks to flickr and So Cal Metro for the photo.