Two-fer Sunday



If there is an older post with a class or sermon that you would like me to put up as a single mp3, just let me know the title of the post and I’ll try and dig up the CD and re-post that way for you.

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 Message for Sunday March 6th, 2011   

                                    Alsace, Haut-Rhin, Colmar, Musée d'UnterLinden : Mathias Grünewald, " retable d'Issenheim : La Résurrection " by Vincent Desjardins


Why Jesus and not some other religious leader of one’s choosing?


click here > Transfiguration


…and another good one in the same vein (from a while back)

click here > The Crucible-between belief and unbelief





Thanks to flickr and Vincent Desjardins for the photo

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