Loosing the Shackles…


 It was just made aware to me that some of you might want more audio that is complete in just one track. For uploading into ipods or what not. I’ll work on making that happen.

Shackles, Salem, Massachusetts by David A's Photos  Jump for joy! by susan.williams61

This one will really tick some off.  Some really like the way shackles feel. They are used to them.

Yet others will be thrilled to be rid of those chaffing, restricting, cutting pieces of metal, in favor of the true freedom that we were meant to have. 

Loosing the Shackles #2               Loosing the Shackles #5

Loosing the Shackles #3               Loosing the Shackles #6

Loosing the Shackles #4               Loosing the Shackles #7


Loosing the Shackles – Complete class


If you hated this…oh well.

If you enjoyed it, pass it along.




 Thanks to flickr and  David A’s photos, and susan. williams 61 


Schatztruhe, Reichsburg Cochem - Cochem Castle, Treasure Chest by destinatio

 …Faith, Emotionalism, Anabaptists, Works Righteousness, Infant Baptism.

All this and more are touched upon in this audio selection delivered by Pastor Mark Anderson.


click here >  FAITH


There’s  plenty here to get your hackles up, or get your head nodding in approval…or both!

Let us know what made an impression on you, either good…or bad.





Bible study

Bible teach bk. by otto be in pictures


Here’s section one of this study on how to read the Bible with understanding and other relevant themes. I’ll put up more of it fairly soon. This Bible study audio has a total of 23 tracks.

The sound quality is not great because we blah blah blah, yada yada yada… (who cares why?) … but it is good enough.


Total running time for these 9 tracks is around 30 minutes.

Bible study 1                              Bible study 7

Bible study 2                              Bible study 8

Bible study 3                              Bible study 9

Bible study 4                             

Bible study 5

Bible study 6