Do you really expect me to believe this stuff…

from the Bible?  Befuddled by Motorcycle Girl


Ah…yes I do…

                                  … by God’s grace. 


A few more for your edification:

Track 19 R&G

Track 20 R&G

Track 21 R&G

Track 22 R&G

Track 23 R&G

Track 24 R&G

Track 25 R&G 

entire class on one mp3 click here>     R&G – complete class

Is there anything in here that is new to you?

Is there anything in here that you’d love to share with another Christian, or non-Christian?

Is there anything that you think is just flat out wrong?





Thanks to flickr and Motorcycle Girl for the photo.




Using God’s Law as a vehicle to greater Spirituality


 Bible Study by LeggNet

These excerpts are pretty good. I will put the entire class up in a few days for those of you who will want to hear more.

I’d love to hear what you think, pro…or con.  Thanks!

( R&G stands for ‘Romans and Galatians’…not ‘Roscoe and Grimes’)

Track 06 R&G

Track 07 R&G

Track 08 R&G

Track 09 R&G

Track 10 R&G

Track 11 R&G

Track 12 R&G

Track 13 R&G


 all tracks on one mp3  click here >    R&G – complete class


Thanks to Pastor Mark Anderson for giving these classes and for letting us have access to them on this blog.




Thanks to flickr and  LeggNet  for the photo.