“My sin is ever before me.”

 Well…we can’t have that, now can we?Listen and have faith... by carf

The church ought be a “positive” place…right?

A place that ‘uplifts’ you. A place that is ‘not a downer’. Sin is a downer…don’t you know.

We don’t want to hear anything about our lifestyles being sinful…do we?


Well…we need to hear it.

ALL of our lifestyles are sinful. “You can’t say that! You don’t even know me!” If you’re anything like me (and I suspect that you are) then I can say that. We have all sinned in thought, word, and deed. By what we have done, and even more so by what we have left undone. These facts need to be kept clear. They need to be ever before us. That we might know our need of a Savior.

Repentance and forgiveness. Death and life. The old and the new. That’s what we need to hear and we’re not going to hear it at the shopping mall, or the ballgame. We are fortunate if we even hear it at church.



Thanks to Flickr and carf, for the photo.



7 Responses

  1. St Stephen,

    Yes in our age it appears the worst that can happen is that one feel bad about oneself. But oh the joy that comes when once again Jesus, through the voice of one of his faithful pastors, forgives us our sin. No need for a constant infusion of lying and salvation stealing self confidence and denial of sin.

    pacem domine †

  2. Accepting forgiveness…how do you deal with that? Just how forgiven are we…when we are forgiven that is…how far does it reach? It’s OK you can give the Lutheran answer…*; ) It might not be “right” but you can get forgiven…I think…

  3. every sinner must face the cross but there comes a time when he must move beyond it to the foot of the throne.

  4. We’ll, we keep sinning. Our Lord keeps forgiving…but, as sinful beings it is sometimes hard to put it behind us. Especially if you commented one or two or three really big ones. The sin is forgiven…but the damage often keeps on going.

    • VERY good answer! Under the government of men we will indeed reap consequence. Sometimes, God will intervene and erase those as well…His mercy and grace are always poured out for our good, whether it lines up with our assessment or not…repentance calls Him and He always runs to catch us in His embrace…*: )

  5. Good thoughts, Nancy!

    Thanks, my friend.

    – Steve

  6. In this life there is no moving beyond the cross. We’ll be at the foot of the throne in heaven – and not before.

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