Good Friday

Well, it didn’t seem too ‘good’ for Jesus, or his followers, did it?The Beginning of a New Era by Sergio ···

What often appears to be good to us, isn’t… and what appears to be just awful…in reality and quite often in hindsight…is good. God’s ways are not our ways. His ways are opposite our ways.

A totally innocent man beaten very badly, and then staked to wood and left to suffocate and bleed to death. All because of me…and you…and every person who has ever lived.

That’s good?

Ah…yes it was.  Yes it is.  It is better than good. It’s the single most important event (along with His ensuing resurrection) that the world has ever know or ever will know.

It’s where God declared the war between Himself and sinners, that is every single person on the planet, to be over…once and for all. “Father forgive them…”

By His gracious mercy and love, He has declared you to be righteous for the sake of His Son, Christ Jesus. You. Little ol’ sinner, not much of a believer, you.

The future is wide open for you now. The present is wide open for you now. You have an unbelievable treasure awaiting you in Heaven that is beyond description, and you will do nothing at all to aquire it. For He has done all that is needful…on the cross..and in your baptism. That is real freedom! The freedom that God has purchased for you with the blood of His only Son. Free for you… very costly for Him. That’s the love of a wonderful Father.

Of course, He had to die before He could be raised again…as do we, for we are not greater than our Master.

But the darkness will give way to Light and Life in a few days as our Savior’s prayer is answered by His Father.

If that is not ‘good news’…then I don’t know what is!

I pray that the Lord will give us faith, and keep us in His faith that we might believe it, until He pulls us up out of that grave and raises us to everlasting life with Him in Paradise.