Good post on true faith vs. false faith

From   September 19th 2008 - Cause It's Only Money by Stephen Poff


There is a good post on what is true faith vs. false faith on the blog, ‘Defending. Contending.’  blog.


There is a sermon (it’s really a Bible study, Evangelicals never seem to understand the difference) by Pastor Steven Cole of Flagstaff, AZ that goes through all of this with the goal of helping us to know true faith from false faith. I don’t really think he accomplished what he set out to do. In fact I think he may just have poured a little more gasoline on that fire.

At least they are asking the right questions.

They are coming up with the wrong conclusions…but at least they are asking the right questions.


What do you think?



TThanks to Stephen Poff and Flickr for the photo.