How can I be sure???

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 When were you saved?

On what day and in which hour did your life change?

Well you know that if you cannot recall a day that you became a believer you cannot know that you are saved, don’t you?

These questions can plague a believer to the point of distraction and doubt about salvation. They are based upon some concern for others by those who believe he or she had some part in salvation by making a choice. Some, who will deny free will, maintain there must be a point of time to which one can point for proof of salvation.

“We are not to look back to our conversion for assurance, but we must go to the Savior again and again, every day, as though we had never been converted.”   





Can God grab a hold of someone at a Billy Graham Crusade (or any crusade)?

I say, YES!

Can that person have any assurance in that decision that they made to accept Jesus into their heart as their personal Lord and Savior?

I say, NO!     No assurance there.


What do you say?




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