Immersion or Sprinkling ? Does it Matter?

 Many say you must be immersed to have a valid baptism. Many say sprinkling, or pouring a bit of water over the head is alComing Clean In Dirty Waterl that is needed.

       Are there good biblical arguments to be madeIMG_5623 on both sides?

7 Responses

  1. Probably.

  2. Nice one, Roland!

    I guess I deserved that.

  3. However, I don’t think it really does.

  4. There are two components to baptism…water and God’s Word.

    I’ll argue that God’s Word is the most important part and that when coupled with any amount of water it is sufficient for a valid baptism.

    The symbolism of going all the way under (representing the death, or drowning of the sinner) is great , but not necessary to validate baptism.

  5. I was christened as a child, underwent immersion in an evangelical free church after my conversion, and came to appreciate the arguments concerning effusion and the covenantal approach to baptism, but you have really focused on the prime issue here – the sacraments relationship to the living word. It is this alone (whatever the mode etc) which makes baptism meaningful – a ‘marker’ we can refer to as a place where God’s promises, God’s gift of life, became ours.
    That is what matters!

  6. Howard,

    You said it, Howard,much better than I did.
    “..the sacraments relationship to the living word.”

    God’s promise in the baptism is what makes it effective.

    At that place and point in time, God acts …FOR US.

    You can stand under Niagra Falls or have three drops from a wrung out cloth. With God’s Word…it is enough.

    Thanks Howard!

    You are terrific! A pleasure to have your insights (as always)!

    – Steve

  7. I heard of a presbyterian (who practised sprinkling) who asked a baptist (who practised full immersion) the following questions:
    If you just get into the water up to your knees, are you baptised?
    If you just get into the water up to your waist are you baptised?
    If you just get into the water up to your shoulders are you baptised?
    If you just get into the water up to your forehead are you baptised?
    When he got the answer “no” to all these questions, the presbyterian produced his ace card: “Ah, so it’s the wee drop on top of your head that makes all the difference!”

    I’m with you btw – I’m not sure that it really matters at all…

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