Some suggestions for Godly living…

I have many friends that are really doing all they can to live the Christian life. They tell me that they are living by Biblical principles and they are being faithful, as best they can, to be obedient to the Father.Isolation

In light of these efforts by my friends, I have decided to help them out by letting them know of a few areas( that maybe they haven’t thought of ) where they could be living out their faith.

  Here goes:

1) Spend a few hours at an old folks home, or convalescent hospital each week.

2) Visit the terminal cancer patients in a children’s hospital, once or twice a month.

3) Don’t just give money to homeless people on the street, but take them home to eat a meal with you and your family. Maybe they could stay a few days and you could clean them up a bit and buy them some new clothes.

4) Turn off your television set and forego watching the games this weekend and invite all your neighbors over for a Bible study.

5) Set your alarm clock to go off two to three hours earlier and get some good prayer and Bible reading in before you start your day.

6) Instead of going on a vacation where you and your family are basically the only ones getting something out of it, try spending a week or two handing out Christian materials and talking to people about Jesus.

7) Live on a thin margin of income ( affording yourself and family just the basics ) and give the rest to the poor in your community.

Those are some things (there are many, many more) that Christians could should be doing if they decided to use their time, energies, and resources in a way that would be showing good stewardship of the gifts that God has given them.

I’m sure the desire to serve God and the neighbor is so strong that many of my good Christian friends will be greatful for seeing this list of suggested acts of love for the sake of the other.