Don’t be like this guy!

My hope and prayer for all of you this 5th Sunday in Easter, is that you get Christ handed over to you, fully and freely. The crucified and risen Christ. The One who forgives real sinners… not those half-righteous, half-sinful type shead-in-the-sandAAinners…but the full blown variety of mega sinner. The kind we know we are.

If you get something other than what you have a right to expect, (a full and lethal dose of the law and a full and complete absolution for Jesus’ sake) than grab your pastor, priest, or preacher, by the collar ( or for you So. Cal. non-denoms…by the puka beads) and ask, “what gives?” “Where was Jesus today?” “Did  Jesus miss His connection in Cleveland, and Moses took His place today?”

Keep asking him, or her, those questions until they do hand Him over. And if they refuse to hand Him over you might think twice about staying there, unless of course you like poison.  Anything else short of the gospel, is another gospel, and that’s poison….it’s just that simple.