‘The Lutheran Magazine’

Addendum: Here is a short article, the likes of which rarely (if ever), for the reasons stated below, would be seen in ‘The Lutheran’.        click on  Easter Faith 

I had the dubious opprotunity to peruse the pages of ‘Tjust call me Rebbe Fubuki (aboutme)he Lutheran’, the other day. It exhausted me. So many articles on doing. We lutherans are doing this, those lutherans are doing that, digging wells, planting rice, rearranging somebody’s finances, investing here, building a home there…doing, doing,doing.

I had to look long and hard to even find the name ‘Jesus’ anywhere in the publication.

I did find it, in an add, where the church was trying to raise money.

Even there, the name of ‘Jesus’, was associated with doing…your doing.

‘The Lutheran’ is the poster boy for “Christian religion.” But virtually nowhere in those pages do you see anything about what Christ has done for you. What that cross was all about, or the importance of telling people about the One that came to save them. In this day and age that would be just a bit too pushy and judgemental. “Save us? From what ?”

What the folks at ‘The Lutheran’ have figured out is that it is much safer to feel good about yourself and the things you are doing than to actually hand over the Living God to someone and take the risk of being called “intolerant”, by mentioning that name that the whole world just loves to hate, namely… Jesus, the Christ.