Falling in Love

Have you ever fallen in love with someone, but they didn’t love you?

You tried everything possible to get that person to fall in love with you. Yoa walk on the beachu told funny jokes, you gave them gifts, you complimented them, you adorned yourself as much as possible. All to no avail. The love you were seeking from the other person was just not there.

Sometimes third parties try and get two people to fall in love. Those attemps often fail, and sometimes they succeed. But when it does happen, can the matchmaker take the credit for them falling in love, or rather should they take credit only for making it possible that they meet?

I have in mind those that try earnestly to make other people fall in love with the Living God.

There are some that call for us to have a real passion for Jesus. They say we ought realize how awesome and wonderful and gracious Jesus is, then we can fully have the love and passion for Jesus that He truly desires from us. Some folks rattle off long flowing lists of Heavenly adjectives describing God in such a way as to make any person with a hint of common sense realize that they too ought be feeling the same way about God. And if they don’t, well, then they ought try a little harder, pray a little harder, attend more bible studies, be with and emulate those that do. They maybe some of it will rub off on them.

This is a normal attempt by normal people to try and do what is right and good as far as God is concerned. They want to tap into all the benefits of a wonderful love affair with Jesus. They desire all the blessings and all the praise of a supreme God that ought be worshiped and glorified above all other things in their life. They really want to be all that God expects them to be.

The trouble is that we don’t want a love affair with God. Not only do we not want to fall in love with Jesus, we take just about every opprotunity we can to spit directly in His face. (every time we sin…no matter how insignificant you think it might be)

The scriptures make it quite clear where we stand with regard to wanting and loving and seeking God.  We don’t

St. Paul lays it out quite clearly in Romans 1:18 – 3:20   If you think I’ve got the wrong take on it then I’d advise you to go and read it again. And again. And again, if necessary, until that word of law does it’s job on you. That’s you and I he’s speaking about you know. When Paul says, “No one seeks for God”,  well believe it or not , that includes little ol’ you.

So after getting a handle on our true condition and our true attitude concerning Jesus, we can then make an accurate assessment about our ability to whip up some kind of sticky-sweet emotional feeling for our Creator. Although, I must say, we can surely fake it when we don’t want to appear as we really are (to others that are probably faking it as well)

When He came for them 2,000 years ago…they didn’t want Him.  When He comes for us today… we don’t want Him.  That hurts, because I really want to believe that I do want Him.  I want to believe that I was serious when I made that decision for Christ.  I want to believe that somehow I’ve got something special within me that is really desirous of God.  “If others can do it, then so can I !”

The trouble is others can’t do it. Only Christ can get this love affair going and then it’s pretty much a one-sided affair. His giving to us and loving us and forgiving us… and our taking from Him and rejecting Him and ignoring Him. (for the most part)

But Jesus knows this about us. Look at how He treated Peter. Look at how He treated the others. Look at how He treats you and me.

He loves us. In our broken, fallen, selfish, God hating condition…He loves us and forgives usnow !  Not when you’ve cleaned up your act. You don’t even know how to clean up your act.

And He gives us new life and forgives us… daily. He gives us His Spirit, and works repentance in us, and molds us into what He wants us to be.  He gives of Himself in baptism and in His supper. Freely, with no strings attached. No expectation that we will have to add anything at all.

This is the supreme Glory of God as manifest in His Son Jesus and His Spirit. That He loved us so much that “He sent His only begotten Son to die for us, that whoever believes would have eternal life.”

Can we love Jesus at all from our side of the equation? Yes we can. But our love is tainted by sin, by self interest, by all of the distractions of a fallen creature. Our love is spotty and is not as it should be. We can and do love Him, but never on our own. “We love because He first loved us.”

So, if you can’t seem to really muster up all that much passion for Jesus, don’t worry about it so much. For “while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” And that includes you!