The Law…

“It’s not your worst that you do that should bother you…but rather your best.

For it is not good enough, either.”Beautiful old lady from Darap(Sikkim) village

                      – Pastor Mark Anderson


The theology of Glory takes God’s Law and works it. 

It heats it and bends it, and softens it, then fashions a ring out of it ,  then places it in your nose so it can lead you here, and lead you there.

The theology of the Cross takes God’s Law as it is, a perfectly straight, sharp, iron rod…and drives it through your heart… in order to kill you off.

Which would you prefer? (neither sounds good)

5 Responses

  1. Very well said! “This is most certainly true!”

  2. Thanks Ivy.
    It is one of those hard truths that most people would rather not deal with.

    Keep up the good work at Claimed, Gathered, and Sent!

    – steve

  3. wonder what you make of MacArthur’s message @ T4G
    free downloads. 2 more messages to come today

    keep on,

  4. Wow! That is the best illustration I have ever heard concerning the Law in terms of Theology of Glory and Theology of the Cross. That last part just woke me up, “drives it through your heart”…..beautiful.

  5. Cat 95,


    I don’t know how beautiful it is while it’s happening…but it has to be done.

    Thankfully the Lord has seen fit to do to us what needs be done…for we would never do it ourselves.

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