‘Playing the Trump Card”

Luther said, ” If they use the scriptures against Christ, then we will use Christ against the scriptures.”Real Christians Do Not Sin

Can the scriptures really be used against Christ? Was Luther talking about a group of atheists, or those inside the Church?


2 Responses

  1. There are plenty of examples of ‘christians’ using scripture in this fashion, especially to seek to ‘re-establish the law’. I once attended a church where it was essentially ‘illegal’ to do most things – get married, buy a car, even witness about your faith (!) without the seal of the leaders – to do so without put you in ‘sin’ and out of fellowship. Thankfully, Christ argues against such mis-placed authority through THE Word – the living, saving message of the Gospel which frees us to live in a manner untainted by such fear. Holiness movements, In the Spirit movements, Prophecy movements, Latter Rain movements, they all seek to maintain the same ‘authority’ over the individual which belongs to God alone. He runs the only place I know that works with the ungodly (i.e. Me!).

    Do people mis-use scripture?
    As Oliver Hardy would have put it,
    ‘they most certainly do’.

  2. Howard,

    He does work with the ungodly, doesn’t He?
    He must…He works with me too.

    Thanks my friend!

    – Steve

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