What if this were the last day of your life?


Jesus Christ by LoveCats2006

What would you do?


 Jesus gives us the new commandment.


  There is law here (on steroids). There is gospel here.

    It kills, and it raises (by the grace of God).


Fasten your seatbelts.

          click here >    The-last-day-of-your-life

I know, this is a Maundy Thursday sermon. But I like it a lot and I listen to it throughout the year. And we’re not liturgical legalists here!

I’ll post it again on M. Thursday.


Thanks to flickr and LoveCats2006 for the photo



2 Responses

  1. Maybe this is in the sermon (I didn’t listen), but you know what Martin Luther said he would do if he knew Jesus was coming back tomorrow? Plant a tree.

  2. Thanks RubeRad.

    I do remember that. And he said, “because that’s what I was going to do anyway”.

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