Faith and Art

Please check out Howard Nowlan’s piece at


Howard thoughtfully explores how God may use art to help keep us in His faith.


Thank you, Howard!





7 Responses

  1. And…just a warning…there are lots of scary Jesus pictures out and about….Scary like beauty is of course in the eye of the beholder…*; )

  2. Now there’s a graven image I can dig!

  3. There were times when most people could not read (or read the Bible in their own language) and the stained glass windows and art on the wall told the story of the Bible in pictures.

    This was a very good thing, and still is for many.

    Heck, even the Bible itself is graven.

  4. “A tent was which there was the lamp stand and the table and the bread of presence, the Holy place”….

    God using visual means to speak of Himself, my!…
    Means that He empowered craftsmen to fashion with the greatest skill,
    so that it would truly be a fitting place to express the ‘weight’ of His presence.

    Perhaps we need to reflect on Michelangelo’s last two public works a little more, for these ‘speak’ so loudly of what Christianity is truly all about.

  5. Good points! The tabernacle and temple were designed by God, and were commanded to be replete with sacred art. Yet, many evangelicals cringe at the sight of a crucifix.

  6. Yet, many evangelicals cringe at the sight of a crucifix.

    Just like vampires. Coincidence?

  7. Vampires, in many popular modern versions of the fiction, live a dualistic lifestyle, and dualism is certainly a malady at the heart of much contemporary evangelical theology.

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