The Two Forms of Repentance


repent by KHL-Omi!-the Flame may burn, doesnt mean im happy

Here’s a good sermon on the two types of repentance, ‘active repentance’ and ‘passive repentance’.

Both types do their work on us and bring us to the place where we know we have a problem.

click here > The Two Forms of Repentance


This may be brand new to you. It’s a different understanding of repentance than probably most of you are used to, and it may have you scratching your head a bit.



Thanks Pastor Mark. (not pictured)


And thanks to flickr and for the photo.
( I have no idea what that photo means or what it is from…but I like it…) 

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  1. I really really wanted to read this post but the links aren’t working. Any suggestions????

  2. Jane,
    Sorry about the trouble. I’ll try and fix it when I get hpome fropm work this afternoon.

  3. Okay, boy do I feel silly — know what I did. Thank you so much. Jane

  4. No problem at all.

    Thanks for stopping by, Jane.

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