‘Feeling good and being positive’

I heard that from a customer in the market where I work, a co-worker, and two family members in the last couple of days. That’s what church ought be about, they said.

“Well…(I said)…it can be”. Mariakirken door by Farl

But the Bible does not speak in terms of positive or negative.

It speaks of going from death…to life.

I told them that they need to find a church where the Word of God is proclaimed in such a manner as to expose you and your ineptness, your unwillingness, to be what God would have you be. And then they need to procalim to you what God has done for you about that problem. And then they need to hand over to you, without charge, the meal that the world does not, and cannot offer, the meal that gives the forgiveness of sins, life, and salvation.

I told them that they can be lost. I told them that Jesus will never lose them, be that the troubles and cares of this world, and their own rebellion from God, and the devil, are actively working to seperate you from God.

I told them that they need to go to church and hear the Word and receive the Lord’s Supper and to force themselves to go if they did not feel like going. Because they are dying people and will soon enter the grave and they will then need someone to pull them out of that grave to new and everlasting life.

I hope, by the grace of God, that they find a church door.