Almost impossible

That’s how it seems to me, lately.  When pigs fly by WayneWho?

Not just on this blog, but on many others that I visit.

That people will just not accept that God acts for us, before we want anything at all to do with Him.

They will not accept the idea that God could really be present in what HE COMMANDS us to do in His Holy Name. They refuse to let God be God, and they war against the grace of God because it is not rational and because it excludes any action, feeling, or anything else… on their part.

This is what happens when people refuse to give up the ‘religious project’.

They think that we are the ones being overly ‘religious’! They have it exactly backwards.

It is almost impossible to show them that in throwing out the Sacraments and relegating them to mere symbols (in contradiction to Scripture), they are inserting themselves into the equation. This puts them on the fast track to being ‘religious’…no matter if the pastor wears Hawaiian shirts and flip flops or if he/she is in a thousand dollar suit.

Inserting ourselves into the equation is what got us into this entire mess to begin with. You would think that people would get a clue and finally figure out that maybe this is the reason that God commanded us to Baptize, and to eat His body and drink His blood. To take, and keep the project out of our hands.

But then again… it is almost impossible to make them see that.




 PS- Getting me to believe it (in Him) was (is) probably a whole lot harder for God than it would be for Him to get pigs to fly.