“I don’t believe in sin”

I heard that from a woman yesterday.

“I don’t believe in air.”   I might have said.  

“And that whole thing about babies sinning, how ridiculous is that.”

If one would ever see two babies fighting over a rattle (or anything else), one might just get a clue.

She’s not alone. There are many who hold such similar notions that the antiquated views of the Bible are just that.

“I don’t need a Savior!”  “Savior from what?”

Well, if you don’t need a Savior, then you shall not have one. 

The Savior (Oh, Him again) said that He came only for the “sick”. The healthy have no need to get well.

That poor woman was completely healthy. Didn’t need a thing. Doesn’t need a Savior.  A ‘life coach’ would be alright. That wouldn’t wouldn’t hurt. Everyone can use a little tune-up, right?


Can you be tuned-up?     Or should God start over again with you?