We must die

We must.

Sin demands payment. New life is dependant on it.

No death…no life. 

“If you would gain your life, you must lose it for my sake.”

There are some “Christian blogs” and “Christian churches” that really don’t believe that. They really don’t believe in dying to the self. They are really ALL ABOUT AFFIRMING  ‘THE SELF“.

Instead of using God’s Law as a hammer to crush the rebellious ‘self’, they prop up that ‘self’ by making him/her believe that he/she is really “NOT ALL THAT BAD”…and with a little cleaning up(a little help from the church) they can become what they really ought to be. OR..they don’t even bother with any of that and they just say “anything goes”. “There really is no sin (sin is an old fashioned “bible word” – we know better now) so just do your best, it’s all about love and acceptance, and trying , and giving, and being tolerant”… yada ,yada, yada.

The trouble with both those errant views is that NO DYING takes place.

Good Friday was (is) all about ‘death’. 

It was about what we really think of God (in the end). He shows up in His goodness and mercy and love…and we stake Him to rough timbers untill every drop of life runs out of Him.

Jesus knew this would happen to Him.  He knew (and knows) what’s in our hearts.

And yet He went freely to that death.  He tells His followers that we must also die.

We must die to thinking that we can do anything without Him. That we are “not that bad”. That we can take the stench of sin out of ourselves. That we can, by just trying our best, become better in His eyes. We must die to all of that.

That cross tells us that we will die. It tells us that there is no escaping death. No easing it, no skirting it.

And that is what God’s law does. It puts us to death. That we might have remorse for our sin. That we might be humbled, repent and believe… at least for a while.

Then, when we are sufficiently dead…can raise us again to new life…even as the Father raised our Lord Jesus on that Glorious morning.


That view is not very popular today. It makes God’s Law into a demand (which it is – laws that do not demand anything really are not laws) and many despise not being able to live any way they want to, without guilt.

It also takes the religious “God project” out of the hands of those that like religion. That enjoy playing the game of  ‘religious self improvement’.

“Yeah, Buts!”…start your engines!!!

Are the “yeah, but’s” trying to stave off death?