‘Christian Schizophrenia’

There is way too much of this going around.

I was involved with some folks, on another blog, trying t o explain to a woman how it is that we can continue to sin even though the Bible says in many many places that we shouldn’t.

Well, the Bible verses were flying thick and fast. “Paul says this. James says that. Peter says this, Jesus says that.”

OK…then we’d better do it. We’d better be saved by grace alone and stop sinning, now that we are saved…right?


There is no stopping from sinning. And there is no Christian progress from a life focused on the reduction of the amount of sin you commit.

There is no adding to what Christ has done on the cross, by you or by anybody else. It is not necessary, and it can be deadly and it can kill any assurance that they might have had at one time and it can actually cause them to lose their faith.

Of course it can! They are now trusting in themselves! In their own ability to be “good” and keep the law. What faith do you need for that, other than faith in yourself…and that is idolatry.

These  poor folks, and as I write this another young woman comes to mind who was questioning her salvation (again, on another blog), are being fed a steady diet of ‘Christian obedience’, ‘Christian seriousness’, ‘Christian do goodism’…and it is killing them.

The good part of it is at least they are struggling with it. At least someone (who has actually heard the gospel) can come along and tell them to STOP! Someone can tell them to chuck the “religious project” and be what Christ meant for them to be and that is FREE!  He wants them to be free from the religious self-improvement project and free to be able to love God and the neighbor as him or herself, without having to worry in the least about being condemned by God if you mess up along the way. 

We have all messed up, and are still messing up along the way. But our Lord (remember Him?) is right behind us with the broom and dust pan picking up after us. That’s right.  All that filthy sin that we make goes into His waste can and is done away with.

That is what that cross was all about. It wasn’t a launching pad for ‘you‘!

BUT…since “good Christians” will continue to read the Bible in such a way as to not recognize the law from the gospel, and then mix them up so badly that they make laws out of the gospel, and turn the gospel into the law…these travesties will continue to flourish. All in the name of Jesus.

One more time, for any that will hear it.  Your sins ARE FORGIVEN FOR JESUS’ SAKE.  We are not to sin…but if we do, we have an Advocate. His name is Christ Jesus.

His love and forgiveness for sinners is so great that He can handle all of your sin, all of my sin, and the sins of the whole world. The Bible tells us that  and I believe it.

Do you believe it?

Am I wrong?  Is this truly a cooperative effort of God and the sinner?