Take a leap of faith…

What is stopping you?

You have felt that warm tug on your heart-strings and you know that someo Flying Leapne is calling you. The Lord Jesus is saying to you the exact same thing He said to Abraham and Sarah, to Moses, to David, to Paul.

  He is telling you that right now you are on a path that is leading you to the graveyard and that very soon you will succumb to the forces that rule this world. You will die. All of your plans, all of your work, all of your hopes and dreams in this world, and you yourself, will be lowered down to the bottom of a grave.

Yes, He is telling you that. But He is telling you something far more important. He is telling you that He loves you and forgives you all your sins. He is telling you that He is right there with you as you suffer in this life on the way to the grave. He is telling you that He suffered and died…FOR YOU…and that He will embrace your lifeless body, lift it up to Himself and breathe into it new life. He will breathe into it eternal life, undefiled life, a life unto Himself where there will be no more suffering or death. He gives to you a life of unimaginable joy and perfect peace in service to the One who IS LIFE and who creates all things.

The Lord Jesus loves you so much that He gives you a peek at your future ahead of time. He gathers you together with others whom He has called. He gathers you that you might be comforted in the love of His family. He gathers you so that you might hear Him speak to you in His Word of promise from the mouth of a preacher, and the words of His holy scriptures. He gathers you that you would partake of Him and become one with Him in baptism and holy communion. 

The Lord Jesus has taken a flying leap across a span so immense, a chasm so wide, from His righteousness to our sinfulness, that we cannot comprehend it. But yet He has done this for us solely out of His great love and mercy for sinners.

So why don’t you take a flying leap?  Well,  Jesus Christ has taken the leap for you and there is actually nothing that you have to add to that…nothing at all. But He would love for you to speak to those who have not yet heard of His great love. He would love for you to gather in worship to Him and to comfort and support others in His family. He would love for you to be there on Sunday (or whenever) so that when others come to hear, that the doors will be open and they won’t be there all alone.

 Why don’t you take the leap? What is it that is keeping you on your own?

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