Some background on the Formula of Concord

This is a snippet of a class on the Formula of Concord taught by  Rev. Steven D. Paulson, professor of Systematic Theology at Luther Seminary in St. Paul Minnesota.

I thought it might be useful to realize that Lutherans at the time of the Reformation (just as today) did not agree on every point of theology.

It is edited quite a bit. Anyone interested in listening to the entire class can let me know and I’ll send it to them (e-mail).

   click here for snippet  –>    background on the Formula of Concord

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  1. “I thought it might be useful to realize that Lutherans at the time of the Reformation (just as today) did not agree on every point of theology.”

    Steve, it will be a glorious day when we are all one family with Christ Jesus.

  2. Magdalene,

    You are so right…it will.

    Martin Luther wrote, “Peace if possible…truth at all costs.”

    I love to get along with people…I really do. But when I or someone else proclaims the fullness of Christ’s forgiveness, and then another would qualify that forgiveness with yet another add-on to what Jesus has done, then I feel I must defend Christ’s cross.

    Maybe I get a bit carried away at times, and I might not always get everything right (although my wife knows differently).

    I have discovered something and maybe you have seen the same thing. Whenever you proclaim the complete forgiveness of sins in Jesus Christ and the freedom that He has won for us on the cross, you will always have nay-sayers and qualifiers. Always. And most of the time the arguments come from other believers in the pews.

    So what do we do? We just say it again, “Your sin is forgiven for Jesus’ sake.”

    Thanks very much, Magdalene. Grace and Peace be with you!

    – Steve

  3. Steve,

    You must be part of the LCMS? I have many friends who attend LCMS.

    I agree about proclaiming the complete forgiveness in Jesus and the freedom He has won for us on the cross.

    Grace and Peace be with you too, Steve. †

  4. Magdalene,

    Actually, our congregation is officially affiliated with the ELCA.

    We don’t have very much to do with them anymore.

    We disagree with many of the things that they are doing.

    We preach the full council of God (the law and the gospel) in their fullness.

    We try to keep our allegiance to Christ and His Word, and not worry about toeing the line of any denominational organization.

    Jesus Christ… First, Last, and Always!

    Thanks Magdalene!

    – Steve

  5. Steve,

    I originally thought you were with the ELCA, but when I read the “Motivation” thread, I thought I must have misunderstood. I was surprised by some of the comments about the ELCA (although, I understand some of them). I belong to the ELCA. My church is very Christ-centered and cross-focused (praise God). I will never tolerate man-focus religion again.

    Steve, your blog attracted my attention because you are a Lutheran and write about Christ/Cross and what Christ has done for us, not the other way around. I also enjoy your writings (and Luther’s) about good works, etc.

    Steve, I am in complete agreement about keeping allegiance to Christ Jesus and His Word.

    I have found over the years that no church is perfect, because no man/woman is perfect. A person could easily move from church, to church, to church (and sometimes it is necessary).

    I understand when you write, “we disagree with many of the things they are doing…” but we could probably say that about almost every church. A person has to be where they feel right in their heart with God.

    Thank you for answering my question, I was a little confused. I am really happy with my ELCA church, even though I may not agree with everything the ELCA leadership decides on, we are Christ-centered and Cross-focused, completely. Just like the problems with the LCMS and Issues, etc., just because the LCMS leadership removed a wonderful radio show that shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ does not mean the entire LCMS membership agreed with leadership, along with other issues with all denominations. A person has to come to a place of peace to worship and rest with Christ.

    It’s good to discuss these things and get a better understanding, learn and grow in our walk with Christ.

    Have a nice day, Steve! †

  6. Magdalene,

    You are absolutely right, Magdalene.

    There is no perfect church, pastor, person. We are all sinners. That is why we must resist temptation towards ourselves, by means of the law through our good social efforts, works of the law, or abandonment of the law (in favor of the self).

    There is no perfect church. But there is a perfect Church, headed up by a perfect Lord. As children of God, we are members of His Church …where the peace and love of our Lord Jesus will have no end.

    You too, Magdalene! (have a nice day) 😀

  7. Steve,

    Amen. May I ask one more question: The people who come here, are they from the various Lutheran Churches (LCMS, ELCT, etc.)?

  8. I mean ELCA, sorry.

  9. Magdalene,

    We are fortunate that we have visitors and contributors from LCMS, ELCA, and other denominations as well.

    We may not always agree on everything, but then who does?

  10. Steve,

    This delights me!

    I was hopeful you would say something like that… thank you.

    Agreeing all the time may become boring! 😉

  11. ” Agreeing all the time may become boring! ”

    I disagree with that. (ha-ha just kidding) 😀

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