‘Break out the ol’ Hammer and Anvil’…

It ‘s Easter Monday.

So now that we have been totally freed from sin by the Son of the Living God, who’s been raised for our justification, let’s start forging new chains that we may once again be enslaved by “what we do”.

One day of freedom is enough!

The first thing we’ll need are some well meaning preachers that haven’t got a clue as to what Jesus has just accomplished for us all, and a batch of ‘Biblical Principles’…otherwise known as… ‘the Law’.

Since we have subjectivized the gospel message and made it dependent on some sort of action that we take, or that we pray, or that we will, we must now get on with the project of showing our seriousness.

And since our seriousness is what’s at stake here we might as well dispense with the actions that God has decided to take to give to us a measure of His seriousness, namely the sacraments of Holy Baptism and Holy Communion. Actions on His part that give us the assurance that He wants us to have, apart from anything that we do.  We’ll just slide the sacraments over to our side of the ledger and relegate them to a virtual meaningless act of our faithfulness and a sign of our worthless commitment. Now we can get rid of that Altar and replace it with a nifty drum kit, and a Jumbo Tron.

So let us all start hammering and heating our metal!  Let us again, create the shackles of our seriousness and tie them to the chains of our faithfulness, that we might be able to prove to those around us and ourselves that we are worthy of the name of ‘Christian’!  And then we’ll let the preacher lock us all together with passages right out of the Bible! Now we can all march in lockstep, progressing, climbing, further and further up towards greater spirituality and fruitfulness.

Friend… are you sure that you are doing enough?   Your life isn’t really bearing very much fruit, is it? And you dare call yourself a Christian? Couldn’t you try a little bit harder?

Of course you can..of course you will! (won’t you?)

Now that’s the spirit! (which spirit?)

         – Steve

2 Responses

  1. The propensity to erect a ‘righteousness of our own” is implicit in the old nature, and this DEMANDS to be satisfied each and every day, seeking to imprison us once again to the notion of pleasing God via our deeds, devotions and the like. The very GENUINE means of faith (word and sacrament) are as inherently alien to this ‘form’ of godliness as the snare (lie) of the Seraph was to the essential culture of faith in Eden. Poison of such strength has but one intent – to sever us from the life IN Christ Jesus.

  2. Howard,

    That’s it. I’m going to get your book, Howard.

    Even a non-reader like me is captivated by your use of language to describe notions and concepts that heretofore lacked(in my underatanding) the brillance that you give them.

    Thanks very much Howard!

    – Steve

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